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Amazon launches shopping social network Spark for iOS

How to protect your content from plagiarists and content scrapers

3 Ways Social Media Changed This World for the Better and much more… Let’s GO!

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Top 25 social media sins have been revealed – but how many do you actually commit?


Too many selfies, ranting about politics and ‘Liking’ your own profile picture have been named among the top 25 social media sins, according to research. A poll of 2,000 phone-mad Brits also found four in ten get wound up by cryptic, attention-seeking status updates designed to elicit sympathy from friends and family…

Amazon launches shopping social network Spark for iOS


NEW YORK (Reuters) – Amazon.com Inc (AMZN.O) has launched a social feature called Spark that allows members to showcase and purchase products on its platforms, the retail giant’s first clear move into the world of social media. Spark, which is currently only available for Amazon’s premium paying Prime members, encourages users to share photos and videos, just like popular social media platforms Instagram and Pinterest…

How to Make a Facebook Cover Video That Wows Visitors to Your Business Page


“We’re always looking for ways to help businesses create more engaging experiences and drive more rich experiences for their audiences. To do this, we’re testing the ability for pages to upload a cover video as the page cover. By making cover video available, we want to help you create more engaging interaction and drive more rich experience for your audience by letting you spotlight your creative content in one of the most prominent space: your Page cover.”…

How We Grew Our Organic Traffic 120% in 5 Months with 4 Simple Steps


As a B2B texting software, one of our main goals at Text Request is maximizing value, both for ourselves and our users. That’s what led us to focusing on organic traffic. Billions of people are looking for answers or solutions to their questions or problems, and we’re trying to add value. So we saw organic search as a symbiotic relationship we could tap into…

Tips for protecting your privacy and warding off trolls on social media


On social media, you get to catch up with old friends, make new connections, and coo over cute baby photos. Although you’re supposed to enjoy these visits to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, a persistent commenter or obnoxious “friend” can ruin your experience. That’s why these services provide ways for you to fight back. Here are the steps you can take to protect your privacy and slay trolls on three of the world’s biggest social networks…

3 Ways Social Media Changed This World for the Better


It’s somewhat in trend these days to keep talking about how social media actually made us lonely. We keep sharing examples and funny memes on how people used to meet each other in person and these days everyone just keeps staring into their phones. To some extent, these concerns may be justified. Some people were influenced less than the others but there are certain individuals who appeared to be really vulnerable and the social media may have influenced their life for the worse

How to Submit a DMCA Takedown Notice


Do people copy your content and post it on their site without permission?Did you know the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) can help?In this article, you’ll discover how to file a DMCA takedown notice to protect your content from plagiarists and content scrapers…



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