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How to Grow Your Facebook Following: A 6-Step Plan

YouTube Releases In-App Chat Functionality to All Users

How to Easily Turn Blog Posts Into Videos and more!

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How to Grow Your Facebook Following: A 6-Step Plan


Looking for new ways to grow your Facebook audience?Have you considered targeting prospects by interests that are related to your product?In this article, you’ll discover how to grow a specialized audience on Facebook in six steps.#1: Analyze Broad Target Market CharacteristicsThe first step is to identify a target market that will allow you to reach Facebook users who are likely to be interested in your products/services.

The 25 Top Social Media Management Tools for Businesses of All Sizes


How do you stay on top of all your social media marketing tasks?From creating and publishing content to analytics and reporting, it can be pretty overwhelming to think of all the jobs social media marketers have to complete every day.Thankfully, there are a bunch of awesome social media management tools available to help. These tools can streamline your workflows, help you save some time and even ensure your content reaches the right audience at the right time.

10 Underappreciated Skills for Social Media Professionals

A social media manager is the ultimate jack-of-all-trades. Whether it’s copywriting, providing customer service, or shooting compelling video, social media managers have the skills needed to keep their audience engaged—and their business on top.I’ve built a list of the top skills social media managers need to master and where to go to hone these talents. By the end of this post, you’ll know:

If You Aren’t Using Social Media This Way, You’re Leaving Money on the Tablegetty_536668420_272436


Here’s the thing that all the social media gurus always leave out of their pitch: building an audience is tedious, time-consuming, long term and definitely not free. The same marketers who say, “You can’t build it and hope they’ll come” in a business context seem to contradict themselves when they endorse opening up a bunch of social accounts and blasting out content.

Instagram Adds New Guest Option to Live

insta live 2 (3)As explained by Instagram“Live video helps you share in an authentic way, but sometimes it can be intimidating when you’re on your own. Starting today, we’re testing a fun way to go live with a friend. Now, you can hang out and go live together, whether you’re just doing homework or catching up on your day.”

How to Easily Turn Blog Posts Into Videos

blog-posts-videos-how-to-600 (1)
Interested in repurposing your blog posts into videos?Looking for a no-cost tool to simplify the process?In this article, you’ll discover a partially automated tool that turns your blog posts into shareable social media video. #1: Choose Your Blog PostLumen5 is an automation tool that lets you turn your blog posts into animated informative videos that you can share on your social media channels.


We don’t imagine for a moment that any of you climb into bed with your desktop at the end of a long day, fumbling about with all the wires and massive monitor as you try to get comfortable for a quick pre-slumber web session.But if you do — or if you use a more conveniently sized laptop in bed instead — and firing up Twitter is part of your nightly routine, then the upcoming Night Mode for its desktop site is likely to be extremely welcome, enabling a more relaxing experience as you peruse your timeline and tap out a few tweets before nodding off.

How to Create Beautiful Instagram Stories (and 10 Amazing Templates to Use)


More than 15 million businesses now use Instagram worldwide and over half of those businesses are creating Stories every month.Stories are an incredible way to connect with your audience in fresh and authentic ways. Who knows, maybe they’ll even become the new News Feed.But creating attractive Instagram Stories can be challenging and time-consuming.We’d love to help with that!


Minneapolis, MN

Digital Summit Minneapolis

Event Date– August 14-15, 2017
Digital Summit fills your brain and professional toolkit with thought leadership and practical solutions designed to supercharge your customer strategies.

Gold Coast, Australia

CMO Summit

Event Date– August 14-16, 2017

The CMO Summit is a premium forum bringing together leading CMOs and top marketers in the region with the most renowned advertising agencies, marketing firms and solution providers for a highly focused discussion of key new drivers shaping the marketing agenda.

Boston, MA

eTail East

Event Date– August 14-17, 2017

Born in 1999, eTail is where the top minds at America’s most successful retailers meet and learn. With the most disruptive content and focus on technology, eTail designed to help you optimize the profits from your business. No commercials. No egos. We cut out the fluff to give you hundreds of strategic takeaways

Chicago, IL

PR Writing Conference

Event Date– August  16-17, 2017

  • Capture attention with your writing
  • Experiment with images and unique story angles
  • Use AP style as the underpinning for your internal style guide
  • Earn coverage based on finding the emotional center of every story, regardless of topic

New York, NY

Connect to Convert

Event Date– August  21-23, 2017

Acquisition and Conversion Strategies for B-to-C and B-to-B Marketers.

Toronto, Canada

The Content Experience 2017 (August 22-23, Toronto, Canada)

Event DateAugust 22-23, 2017

Learn how to create, manage, and optimize content experiences for the entire buyer journey from leading industry experts.You’re a savvy marketer. You know how to create amazing content, distribute it, and analyze your actions, but does it ever feel like you’re missing something? (Hint: it might be the experience).