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7 Ways to Make Meaningful Connections With Your Customers on Social Media

7 Snapchat Accounts to Make You a Better Social Marketer

Are you accidentally using Banned Hashtags on Instagram? And more…

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7 Ways to Make Meaningful Connections With Your Customers on Social Media


Some might believe that social media is a bit impersonal when it comes to establishing and nurturing relationships with clients. But the reality is that when you know how to do it the right way, meaningful connections can indeed be made through multiple social media platforms. So how exactly is it done?Every business will connect with their target audience and their customers in different ways but there are a few guidelines you can take advantage if you are a business that is just starting out on social media…

7 Snapchat Accounts to Make You a Better Social Marketer


Social media moves fast—so keeping up with all the latest trends and tools can be hard. What better way to stay informed than Snapchat? The ephemeral nature of the platform lends itself to easily digestible and focused tips. Here are a few social media experts—influencers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and best-selling authors—that you can learn from on the platform.

  1. Dave Morin, entrepreneur

Dave Morin is the founder of Path, an app that Google tried to purchase for $100 million…

Are you accidentally using Banned Hashtags on Instagram?


Did you know that by using ONE banned hashtag in your Instagram post, currently makes ALL of your hashtags undiscoverable for that post?

Yikes!  The best thing to understand is why Instagram are on a banning rampage (they’ve recently banned over 60,000 hashtags!), how to know what they are, examples of banned hashtags and how to work out quickly if you need to swap out any of yours with new ones!

Let’s dive into WHY they’ve been banned, and how to quickly spot a bad egg – and what to do if you’ve accidentally used one recently…

29 LinkedIn Tips for Professional Networking, Business & Marketing


In April, LinkedIn announced it had reached 500 million members, making it one of the most popular social networks for professionals and one of the top social networks overall. But are you using LinkedIn to its fullest potential? With new social networks sprouting up constantly, LinkedIn is a platform that often gets underutilized or put on the back burner. But the truth is, LinkedIn can be extremely powerful — especially when you’re aware of all the platform’s hidden features that don’t get nearly as much attention as they deserve…

3 Different Ways to Do Keyword Research


One of the most important, highly valued and high return activity in the SEO field, keyword research begins by just entering a word in the search query box. Essential to a website’s success, keyword research can prove to be a boon if implemented correctly and can lead your site to higher ranking success.

In this article, we will be quickly covering 3 different ways to go about doing keyword research. So, let’s get started: 1. The Usual Way of Keyword Research

It’s now extremely easy to find out the right targeted keywords for your website using Mondovo’s Keyword Research Tool…

Facebook Releases New Data on Messenger Use for World Photo Day

mess photo1

Facebook has seen great adoption of their Snapchat Stories clones on both Instagram and WhatsApp, with each now being used by more than 250 million people every day. But their other stories tools – in Facebook proper and Messenger – have been less successful. Or at least, that’s the perception – Facebook’s released regular usage updates on both Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Status, but not for Facebook Stories and Messenger Day, which fuels the assumption that they haven’t been as popular. Combine that with anecdotal reports that no one’s using Facebook Stories and it does seem like that option hasn’t won people over. At least, not yet…


Zurich, Switzerland

Social Media for Startups Zurich

Event Date– August 29, 2017

After successful events in Amsterdam, London and Berlin, Will and Yaron from Founders Media will be in Zurich to discuss how you can successfully run your Social Media accounts without spending too much time and on a budget.

September 2017

Cleveland, OH

Content Marketing World

Event Date– September 5-8, 2017

Content Marketing World is the one event where you can learn and network with the best and the brightest in the content marketing industry.

Shanghai, China

Digital Marketing & Strategy Innovation Summit

Event Date– September 6-7, 2017

“One of the few events that really deliver on the promise of the title”,Yum!

“This is definitely an eye-opening event to see the best of digital marketing practice in various industries”, L’Oreal

“Learnt lots of takeaways that can be implemented in my next project”, CitiBank

Docken, Copenhagen

Komfo Summit

Event Date– September 7, 2017

Stay ahead of the curve with chatbots, the new era of customer service, data activation, ROI on social, AI, machine learning, Snapchat influencers, and much more at the fourth edition of Komfo Summit.