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Social Media and Psychology: 4 Things Marketers Need to Know

Instagram Adds Face Filters For Live Video

How to Use Your LinkedIn 'Following' List for Marketing Outreach

4 Tools to Research Competitors on Social Media

Using Facebook Tracking Pixels to Maximize Your Ads

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Social Media and Psychology: 4 Things Marketers Need to Know


You can’t expect social media success if you don’t understand your audience. And there’s no better way of doing this than getting inside their heads with a few basic psychology principles.

At Hootsuite, we’ve long known that these principles are key to making content spread. This article introduces a few of the most important concepts you can put to work in your strategy, like:

  • Why people share the social media content that they do
  • How to use color to build trust with your audience
  • How to create a successful social strategy using emotion

Continue reading to discover the psychology facts that social media managers need to know…

Instagram Adds Face Filters For Live Video

wersm-instagram-face-filters-live-657x360Instagram is making its face filters accessible when you go Live on its platform, and releases a new exclusive sunglasses filter.Face filters used to be Snap chat’s thing. In fact, for most of us, they bring back memories of countless hours of fun checking out what our face looked like using each of the filters. Of course, Instagram now also has face filters. And now, the platform is making them also available during Live video.

If you ask me, face filters are even more fun when used during live videos. And on top of all its existing ones, Instagram is also introducing the new sunglasses filter, exclusively for Live video…

How to Use Your LinkedIn ‘Following’ List for Marketing Outreach

li followers

With LinkedIn’s “Follow” feature, you have a ready-made list of individuals all over the world who have essentially “opted in” to follow all your status updates and articles on the platform.

Now, to be clear, I’m not talking about people you’re already connected to (1st Level Connections). Rather, I’m talking about people you’re not connected to, but who’ve found you one way or another on LinkedIn, and were so impressed that they decided to follow everything you post and do on the platform.

I don’t know about you, but those are people I want to be talking to…

4 Tools to Research Competitors on Social Media


Do you want to learn more about your competitors’ social media activity?Looking for tools to help? Competitive research tools let you see at a glance how your social media marketing compares to similar businesses.In this article, you’ll discover four tools for researching your competition on popular social media platforms.

#1: Benchmark YouTube Channels With MWP’s Video Marketing Comparison Tool: Most social analytics and social listening tools have plenty of platform options but they often leave out YouTube…

Using Facebook Tracking Pixels to Maximize Your Ads


Advertising on Facebook is meant to be like the democratization of online marketing, giving ordinary people the capability to market their own brand without needing big budget teams behind them. However, with all the power Facebook provides through its advertising, things can get confusing for those who are not that familiar with the system and all the features, including tracking pixels.

However, it need not be tough. All you really need is a few simple pointers on what tracking pixels are and how Facebook uses them to both provide users with crucial statistics and target the right audience with the right ads…
The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing

The-Ultimate-Guide-to-Social-Media-MarketingPerhaps one of the biggest human flaws is that we tend to be a bit impatient. We speed date, eat fast food, use emojis instead of words, pay for overnight shipping, and get started with social media without knowing why or what to expect.I get it. The world is moving faster than ever before. New trends and technology seem to appear overnight, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep pace. So, you get the temptation to jump on the social media bandwagon without a clear picture in mind of what you want to achieve. But, diving in without a sense of what it encompasses and how it can benefit your business can do more harm than good.

This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to build a social media marketing strategy that delivers value to your audience and helps your business grow…

Facebook Launches Dynamic Creative Tool In Power Editor And The Updated Ads Manager

wersm-facebook-launches-dynamic-creative-tool-in-power-editor-and-the-updated-ads-manager-657x360Facebook has a new trick up its sleeve. It’s called “dynamic creative,” and it’s a tool available in Power Editor and the newly updated Ads Manager. Here is what it does, how to use it, and why.

Firstly, let me begin by saying that you might not have either the updated Ads Manager, or the new dynamic creative tool that Facebook announced this week. Worry not. You will have the former within the month, and chances are you will also have the latter at the same time. Until that day comes, make sure you’ve familiarised yourself with Facebook’s Power Editor, as the new Ads Manager will be based on the ad-creation logic it uses. Dynamic creative is a tool that “delivers the best combination of your creative assets,” by finding the best creative combinations of your ads. It does so by taking components like images, videos, titles, descriptions, CTAs, etc. and runs them as different combinations across audiences…


Atlanta, GA

Brand Storytelling and Content Marketing Conference at The Coca-Cola Company

You’ll learn how to:

  • Build an audience of engaged customers and prospects through storytelling
  • Measure the effectiveness of your content—and win a bigger budget
  • Understand what types of people your team needs to deliver amazing content every day
  • Use the power of storytelling during a crisis to keep your internal and external stakeholders informed, engaged and on message

Event Date– September 27- 29, 2017

Lisbon, Portugal

DiGLisbon 2017

A selection of startups will be presenting their technological innovations supported by practical case studies : 360° video, VR & AR, Video editing, Social video, Dataviz, Image recognition, Storytelling, Live streaming, Analytics & Big data, Engagement, Bots…

Event Date– September 28-  October 01, 2017

Charlotte, NC

Digital Summit Charlotte

Digital Summit is where ideas and inspiration are born. Thousands of professionals work directly with industry leading brands learning practical, actionable solutions they can immediately apply back at the office.

Event Date– October 2- 3, 2017

The Hague, Netherlands

Brands and Domains The Dot Brand Conference

Brands and Domains is the conference dedicated to dot brand, the tool for brands to create their own home on the Internet. The second edition of this unique event presents the opportunity for brand owners, intellectual property protection specialists, branding experts and digital marketers to share and present their knowledge

Event Date– October 2- 3, 2017

Boston, MA

MarTech Conference

At MarTech, we cross-pollinate the best ideas and latest innovations across marketing, technology, and management. But more importantly, we reveal the beautiful entanglements between them…

Event Date– October 2- 3, 2017

Boston, MA

Marketing Nation Live Boston

Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with marketing experts and insights in the ever-changing digital marketing age.

Event Date– October 3, 2017

Boston, MA

Marketing Nation Live Chicago

Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with marketing experts and insights in the ever-changing digital marketing age.

Event Date– October 4, 2017

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B2BSMB Summit

The B2SMB Summit is designed to maximize value in a fast-paced day-and-a-half format, with networking opportunities throughout.

Focused on issues, opportunities and solutions, all of our sessions will help you better reach, engage, sell, and keep more Small Business Customers…

Event Date– October 3-4, 2017

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MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum 2017

If you’re looking for a conference to help you become a better B2B marketer, this is it. Every year, hundreds of the smartest, most innovative B2B marketers gather at #mpb2b to learn and share their secrets to success — from the latest and greatest tactics to strategies that have proven the test of time.

Event Date– October 3-6, 2017