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5 Ways to Use Instagram’s New ‘Go Live with a Friend’ Feature for Your Business

7 Digital Marketing Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Facebook Ads: Social Media Giant Announces New Transparency & lots more…

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5 Ways to Use Instagram’s New ‘Go Live with a Friend’ Feature for Your Business

Last week, Instagram rolled out another great feature: Go Live With A Friend. This new option enables you to broadcast in collaboration with someone else, which opens up a whole new world for Instagram Live videosIn this post, I’ll give you five ideas on how you can use Instagram’s Live with a friend option for you brand or business.

How To Use Instagram’s Go Live With A Friend

Going Live with a friend is simple. First, you open the camera on the upper left hand side of your Instagram home screen and select the Live option, as you normally would. Tap the two happy faces icon on the bottom right and tap “Add” to invite anyone who’s currently watching your Live Story…

7 Digital Marketing Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore


I would have written you a shorter letter but I didn’t have the time. This quote attributed to many different sources sums up what we are now facing in this very complex world. Distilling the noise and confusion into clarity. Creating messaging and content that makes sense in one sentence, 140 characters or even a six second video. That is an art form to be admired. But as marketers that is what you are confronted with. Increasing complexity.

And keeping it simple and short takes time and effort. It is just one of the trends that will impact your business in the years ahead. We also need the right tools, platforms and technology to help us manage and make sense of the huge amounts of data and noise that overwhelm us online…

Facebook Ads: Social Media Giant Announces New Transparency


Days ahead of testimony at three congressional hearings, Facebook is taking new steps to verify advertisers and make all ads on the site more transparent. This image provided by Facebook, shows how ads on Facebook will be more transparent. Days ahead of testimony at three congressional hearings, the company is taking new steps to verify advertisers and make all ads on the site more transparent. Executives for the social media company said on Oct. 27, they will verify political ad buyers, requiring them to reveal correct names and locations, and create new graphics on the site where users can click on the ads and find out more about the organizations or people behind them.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Under pressure in advance of hearings on Russian election interference, Facebook is moving to increase transparency for everyone who sees and buys political advertising on its site…

The 7 Ways Brands Use Social Listening


Listening has become the stalwart of social data analysis techniques. Years ago, in the early days of social’s prevalence in society, brands recognized their buyers were spending more and more time on social, and they asked the obvious question: “What’s everybody saying out there?” Fast forward to today: The questions have become more complicated, and software has become a requirement for answering those questions. As a result, many organizations are turning to social listening tools to make sense of the online conversation.

In March of this year, Clutch released a study analyzing how medium and large businesses use social listening tools. Here’s what they are monitoring with social listening tools:

  • Customer requests, questions, and concerns: 86% (of businesses surveyed)
  • Competition: 77%
  • Brands and products: 75%
  • Industry terms and trends: 61%
  • Industry/brand influencers: 60%
  • Company’s name: 55%
  • Company’s executives: 44%…

How to Create and Analyze Instagram Stories for Business Accounts


Looking for ways to market your business with your Instagram business account? Are you aware of the unique advantages businesses have with Instagram Stories?

In this article, you’ll discover how to create, use, and analyze Instagram stories using a business account.

Why Use Instagram Stories? If you’re already publishing photos and videos on Instagram, you may wonder why you would also want to create Instagram stories. The reasons are simple – Instagram stories help you get more visibility in the Instagram app and give people more of your content to consume. When people open the Instagram app, the first things they see above their news feed are the Instagram stories by accounts they follow. If you’ve recently created an Instagram story, you have a chance of your profile image appearing at the top of your followers’ news feeds….

How to Pair and Use Snapchat Spectacles with iPhone and Android Phone


Barely a few months back world’s biggest photo-sharing app Snapchat announced the launching of Snapchat Spectacles. We have already learned what more you can do with your Snapchat spectacles and now it is time to know how you can pair your Snapchat spectacles with iPhone and Android.

Apart from pairing the Snapchat spectacles with your iPhone and Android phones you can do plenty of more things with it. Just pair Snapchat Spectacles with your iPhone or Android Phone and start using it. Here is a full guide from pairing to recording video using this device. How to Pair and Use Snapchat Spectacles with iPhone and Android

Step #1. Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone and Android.

Step #2. Launch the Snapchat app on your iPhone and Android and tap on Snapchat ghost icon.

Step #3. Press the scannable Snapchat code to pair your Snapchat spectacles with your device…

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