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Getting Started with Instagram for Your Business: 8 Simple Steps

Converting Your Social Media Followers Into Customers

Is It Time To Analyze Your Social Media Strategies? & lots more…

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Getting Started with Instagram for Your Business: 8 Simple Steps


More than 500 million people use Instagram every day1, and over five million businesses use Instagram to tell their stories visually, connect with their fans, and build their brand2.

If you’re new to Instagram, it might be daunting to think about how you can stand out in such a large crowd. But getting started with Instagram is much easier than it might look.

In this post, you’ll learn the basics of using Instagram, from how to set up your profile and how to post a photo or story to Instagram, to some more advanced stuff like Instagram analytics and using some neat tools to help you grow your following…

Converting Your Social Media Followers Into Customers


Got a sizeable social media following that’s just sitting there? There is money in it. In this article, we take a look at an untapped way of making money online while leveraging your social media followers. When a social media follower becomes a customer, the next step is for them to become a loyal customer. From there, you can’t lose. But unless you get wise to how to do this, your social media platforms are a case of you leaving money on the table for someone else to nab.

Social media is insanely powerful in 2017. It’s where over two billion of us are. Moreover, we certainly don’t mind spending online: a third of millennials – a key social media demographic – make most of their purchases on their home computer, while over 15% of them make most of their purchases on their smartphone…

Is It Time To Analyze Your Social Media Strategies?

Let’s talk about social media strategies. You do have one, right?I was chatting with one of my team members over the weekend about an experience she had while she was getting her hair done. Her hair dresser was talking about how she wasn’t getting as much engagement on social media anymore. She said her Facebook Page is still doing well, but, her Twitter account is dead, regardless of what and when she posts.

My team member couldn’t help but probe her stylist a bit more about why she was using Twitter if it wasn’t getting good results. She asked her why she didn’t consider putting some more energy behind another, more visual social media platform like Instagram, instead…

Using Social Media to Drive Your Mobile Web Traffic


Today more than half of the world’s web traffic comes from mobile. More and more users are relying on mobile connections to get their information online, and desktop usage is dropping off fast. For marketers, the trend poses a new challenge: can they still drive customers to their websites? Social media has sped up the pace in marketing in the last 10 years. While the social channels themselves were at the forefront of setting trends, technology often dictated how those trends developed. Devices got smaller, more capable, and desktops were replaced by more portable alternatives.

As a result, users began to consume a lot more information on the go…

Snapchat rolls out conversion-tracking Snap Pixel for brands to tie site traffic to in-app ads


Initially, Snapchat’s tag can only be used to measure conversions, but eventually, brands will be able to use it to retarget site visitors and create lookalike audiences. Heading into the holiday shopping season, Snapchat is giving performance-minded marketers a way to track whether the customers visiting their sites may have come after seeing a brand’s ad on the mobile app, even if they didn’t directly engage with the ad to visit the site.

On Wednesday, Snapchat unveiled the Snap Pixel, a conversion-tracking tool for brands to measure how their ads on Snapchat may have impacted traffic on their sites. Sometime in the coming weeks, Snapchat will make the tracking tag available to all advertisers, including those buying ads through its self-serve Snapchat Ad Manager tool, according to a Snapchat spokesperson. But for now, Snap Pixel remains in a testing phase, and brands will need to contact Snapchat’s sales team to request access…

Social Trading: The New Way to Trade


With the invention of the internet, online trading has become a huge platform for those wishing to be at the forefront of cutting-edge investment strategies. Yet, in many ways, the process through which average investors evaluate the markets hasn’t changed. We are all familiar with the effect that social media has had on most aspects of life, but we haven’t quite seen this shift in the world of investments – until now.

Today, we’ll review the concept of social trading and how it is presenting new opportunities for those wanting to maximize their investments and earnings.

  • What Is Social Trading?

When you first hear the term “social trading”, it may not be immediately clear what it entails. You might think it is trading items with your neighbors in a social media yard sale-like setting…

San Diego, CA

The Social Shake-Up Boot Camp

The only constant in social media is change—are you ready for the future? Ignite your social media strategy with the latest tools and tactics at the Social Shake-Up Boot Camp at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Diego on Nov. 15, 2017. This one-day intensive event will feature top B2B, B2C and nonprofit brands like Taco Bell, IBM, GoDaddy, American Heart Association, LinkedIn and more who will present a master class in topics ranging from Facebook and artificial intelligence to SEO and Snapchat.

Event DateNovember 15, 2017

London, United Kingdom

ThinkContent London 2017

Join us at ThinkContent London as we gather the brightest in the industry and regain focus on what matters most – delivering performance while still creating inspiring content that audiences want and need. Let’s ask ourselves, how can we unite the power of brand, performance marketing, and exceptional storytelling to achieve the greatest business success possible?

Event DateNovember 15, 2017

Raleigh-Durham, NC

Internet Summit

Internet Summit provides today’s digital marketing leaders with the tools, ideas, and practical solutions you need to build meaningful customer relationships and stay ahead of the ever-changing digital curve.

Event DateNovember 15- 16, 2017

London, UK

Integrated Live

This one-day summit provides marketers and senior business decision makers with an overview and deeper understanding of the latest need-to-know digital trends.

Event DateNovember 15- 16, 2017

London, England

The Social Media Results For PR & Comms Conference

3 Weeks Until 28 Brands Reveal How To Create Attention-Grabbing, Conversion-Boosting Social Media Strategies For PR & Comms

Event DateNovember 23, 2017

San Francisco, CA

Open Mobile Summit

Digital product, mobile marketing, UX and Design executives will meet at the Open Mobile Summit on November 29-30 in San Francisco. Now in its 9th year, this event draws together the most influential B2C brands, mobile-first companies and app-idols. It’s the definitive mobile consumer event, no other conference gives you such a complete view of the mobile world.

Event DateNovember 29- 30, 2017

Pasadena/DTLA/Santa Monica/Playa Vista, California

Silicon Beach Fest

Highlights include: keynotes with top tech leaders, panels, hands-on workshops, and more. Plus multiple networking parties and mixers.

Event DateNovember 28- December 2, 2017

Seattle, WA

Content Marketing Master Class Seattle

The Content Marketing Master Class will send you home with the strategy and know-how you need to create exceptional content that will engage your audience and grow your business.

Event DateNovember 28, 2017

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Content Marketing Master Class San Francisco

We’re living in a new media marketing era.  It’s noisy and it’s crowded.  People’s email inboxes are overflowing. Web ads and pop-ups and prestitials are in your face.  Not to mention the social media overload.

Event DateNovember 30, 2017