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4 Reasons Marketers Should Embrace Instagram Over Snapchat
The Silent Rise of LinkedIn to 500M Members: What Marketers Need to Know
How To Create A Social Network Platform In Five Steps & lots more…

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4 Reasons Marketers Should Embrace Instagram Over Snapchat

4-Reasons-Marketers-Should-Embrace-Instagram-Over-SnapchatThe race between Snapchat and Instagram might finally have a clear winner. Adweek recently announced that Instagram Stories, an Instagram feature considered to be in direct competition with Snapchat, now has 250 million daily active users—more than Snapchat’s entire user base. But even more impressive than Instagram’s number of daily users is the speed at which the app continues to grow compared to its competitor. According to Apptopia, Snapchat lost six percent of its daily users from May 2016 to May 2017. During that same stretch, Instagram grew its daily user count by 7.7 percent. Apptopia also reports shrinking Snapchat engagement and increased Instagram engagement. This suggests that Instagram—not Snapchat—is the platform of the future for marketers. The Fall of Snapchat The decline could be even worse than Snapchat is letting on. When Nick Cicero, CEO of creative studio and video analytics company Delmondo, had his company analyze 21,500 Snapchat Stories,…

The Silent Rise of LinkedIn to 500M Members: What Marketers Need to Know for 2018


What if I told you that LinkedIn, a social media platform that is now 14 years old, is the next big opportunity for marketers and brands?
While much of the focus over the last few years has been on perfecting our Facebook and Instagram marketing strategies, LinkedIn has been silently growing their user base to more than 500 million users. The reason for this sudden growth? LinkedIn is no longer known only for their résumé and job searching capabilities. It’s evolving into a thriving network of incredible content, influencers, and networking opportunities unmatched by other social media platforms. The silent rise of LinkedIn: What marketers need to know The LinkedIn journey to 500M members If you were to ask me to describe LinkedIn in 2015, I might have said something along the lines of, “a great professional network” or “the perfect place to find a job.”…

How To Create A Social Network Platform In Five Steps


Social Media Week is a leading news platform and worldwide conference that curates and shares the best ideas and insights into social media and technology’s impact on business, society, and culture. Since the creation of Facebook, the social media industry has been booming. Mark was the needed trigger and catalyst that pushed entrepreneurs to think, take risks and create a social network that is new and fresh. Have you ever thought of building your own social network? If the answer is yes, then this article has all the details that will help you create one. But how do you start a social network? Do you have the needed resources to create a social networking site? In this article, we bare it all and give you the right steps to succeed.
1. Define Your Target Audience – know Your Community
Paying attention to this phase and focusing all of your work and energy at the start will pay off in the end. First, you must define the core and then develop a social network website based on these parameters and values…

7 Free Facebook Page Tools to Make Your Life Easier Now


Facebook tools are a part of the marketer’s standard toolkit in 2017. We selected some great Facebook app creation tools that can help you create your very own custom Facebook pages. All of them have a limited free option that doesn’t expire, and they don’t require much tech skills to use.
Here are the free Facebook tools available to get your basic Facebook landing page up and running.
1. ShortStack
ShortStack is a Facebook app creation tool that allows you to create Facebook landing pages, apps, and campaigns without having to learn any new concepts…

3 Things You Must Know for a Successful Social Media Marketing Career


Are you a digital or social marketer wanting to progress in your business and marketing career? Do you find yourself getting stuck, getting passed over for promotions? Do you often find it hard to win budgets, grow your team or simply justify your own job? Or it could be you are having a hard time landing or even keeping the job in the first place.
If this is you, then you definitely landed on the right blog post and podcast today.
Social media is not a band-aid for a broken business. If business leaders really want to ignite business results using digital and social marketing, they must do more than hire a social media intern who knows how to get new followers on Instagram, post to Snapchat and do a live video stream on Facebook. Before you even think about how you are going to tweet, snap, live video stream or tell stories on Instagram, you better nail the business goals and have more than a 101 level understanding of business and marketing…

How to Sell With Instagram Shoppable Posts: Shopping on Instagram


Do you want to sell physical products via the Shopping on Instagram program?
Have you seen Instagram shoppable posts?
In this article, you’ll discover how shoppable posts on Instagram work and the steps you can take to use them for your business. How Customers Shop With Instagram Shoppable Posts. Shoppable posts on Instagram are designated with a little shopping bag icon. When users scroll through the feed, they see a Tap to View Products pop-up in the bottom-left corner or a small white circle with the shopping bag icon. On an account profile, shoppable posts are identified by the small shopping bag icon in the top-right corner of the post image…


San Francisco, CA
Open Mobile Summit
Digital product, mobile marketing, UX and Design executives will meet at the Open Mobile Summit on November 29-30 in San Francisco. Now in its 9th year, this event draws together the most influential B2C brands, mobile-first companies and app-idols. It’s the definitive mobile consumer event, no other conference gives you such a complete view of the mobile world.
Event Date- November 29- 30, 2017

Pasadena/DTLA/Santa Monica/Playa Vista, California
Silicon Beach Fest
Highlights include: keynotes with top tech leaders, panels, hands-on workshops, and more. Plus multiple networking parties and mixers.
Event Date- November 28- December 2, 2017

Seattle, WA
Content Marketing Master Class Seattle
The Content Marketing Master Class will send you home with the strategy and know-how you need to create exceptional content that will engage your audience and grow your business.
Event Date- November 28, 2017

San Francisco, CA
Content Marketing Master Class San Francisco
We’re living in a new media marketing era. It’s noisy and it’s crowded. People’s email inboxes are overflowing. Web ads and pop-ups and prestitials are in your face. Not to mention the social media overload.
Event Date- November 30, 2017

Chicago, IL
Content Marketing Master Class Chicago
The Content Marketing Master Class – a unique one-day workshop – will send you home with the strategy and the know-how you need to create exceptional content that will engage your audience and grow your business.
Event Date- December 04, 2017

Dallas, TX
Digital Summit Dallas
Digital Summit is where ideas and inspiration are born. Thousands of professionals work directly with industry leading brands learning practical, actionable solutions they can immediately apply back at the office.

Event Date- December 5- 6, 2017

Nassau, Bahamas
Digiday Marketing Summit
It’s a platform world, and brands are just living in it. That’s the harsh realization many marketers have woken up to this year. The duopoly of Google and Facebook controls the majority of ad spend, and the encroachment of Amazon into every corner of the media and marketing business has changed the rules.
Event Date- December 5- 7, 2017

December 2017

Chicago, IL
Content Marketing Master Class Chicago
Looking for Content Marketing Strategy? Come & Get It!
The Content Marketing Master Class will send you home with the strategy and know-how you need to create exceptional content that will engage your audience and grow your business.
Event Date- December 4, 2017

Dallas, TX
Digital Summit Dallas (December 5-6, Dallas, TX)
Digital Summit fills your brain and professional toolkit with thought leadership and practical solutions designed to supercharge your customer strategies.
Event Date- December 5-6, 2017