The Internet is full of tons of free content that can be used to help engage prospects with your company and sell your services; so helping to make money from a free source.  It is the easy bit of Social Selling.  Why make a cake if there is free cake out there.

Content is great, great content is better, goodness knows I spend hours every week reading the stuff, much more than I spend watching TV.    I only watch the shows I like and I will only read the content that interests me; the skill bit is to find what interests me.

You can write your own content, anybody can do that but it takes time.  This simple article will take me about 1 hour after I have re-checked it and had someone else check it.  But I am writing this in the hope you will read it, remember my name, remember my company name(sharetivity, SHARETIVITY, sharetivity, ….).  Imagine if this got shared?

Actually, I am not a particularly confident writer, awful at typing and even spell checkers give up on me.  So I could have used my own system to discover a really well written article by an expert on why content on the web is free to use, probably better than this one.

What if you have 20 prospects with several different interests, how long would that take.  Traditionally hours but minutes with the right automation and machine learning to spot what is the best content for your prospects that is most relevant, most likely to be opened and read; most likely to promote your company when you pass it on.

Generally speaking if there is content out there then you can share it, make sure you say where it came from so the writer gets credit.  Sometimes it is better to just take out one or two key phrases but still reference the source.