There’s such a huge amount of content being published every day, how are you or your potential clients supposed to keep up? From blog posts to thought-leadership, industry reports to opinion pieces, and news to white papers, there’s an avalanche of information, whatever your interest or niche.

The problem is, your potential clients do have to keep up with the latest trends, insight, ideas, and thinking. There’s just one, tiny issue — according to IBM, 90% of the content on the internet has been created since 2016 — over two million blog posts and four million hours of YouTube content are posted every day!

How can your potential clients get the information they need to stay current with what’s happening in their industry, identify new trends, and position their business for success? That’s where you come in — through curating relevant, timely, and useful content to build trust with your leads and prospects.

Your Clients Are Time and Attention Starved

All of us are busy, including your leads and prospects. We’re all juggling a dozen tasks, prioritizing what we need to do next, and trying to make smarter business decisions. The need for a little more time or focus has never been greater. Curating content and sharing it with your leads provides some significant advantages:

  • You can summarize content so they can quickly understand if it’s relevant.
  • You can filter content based on individuals, companies, industries, and sectors.
  • You can learn more about what they need, and tailor your offerings accordingly.
  • They can stay up-to-date with the most important news, thinking, and trends.
  • They can save time by not having to read through dozens of irrelevant headlines and summaries.
  • They can free up time to focus on the most important and insightful content.

The Need for Powerful Content Curation Techniques

Of course, you’ll run into the same issue when it comes to sharing content — the absolute deluge of articles, posts, and other content that’s created every day. Fortunately, we have an answer. Our powerful social media and content curation tool, Sharetivity, can quickly analyze what your prospects are interested in and suggest the content that’s most likely to matter to them.

It scans social media information, looks at the most popular content and related interests, then uses an AI-powered algorithm to suggest the best content to curate. It makes sharing easy too and integrates with your CRM and sales stack to make outreach fast, simple, and effective.

Building Trust Through Content Curation

The most difficult task for the modern salesperson is the need to build strong, authentic, ongoing relationships with your leads and prospects. Content curation can help to meet that need, by directly providing genuinely valuable content that makes a difference to the working lives of your clients. It’s the opposite of blanket-communications and generic outreach. As you personalize content and learn the deeper needs of your prospects, you’ll build authority and authenticity, encouraging your prospects and leads to convert into paying clients.

That need for trust is a vital underpinning to the best business relationships. Get in touch with us today to learn how to make the most of it.