Technology is connecting more of us, providing access to new information, and automating the way that we work, play, and live. For many, these deep shifts in the way we interact can help us be more productive and let us work smarter — but this comes at a cost. As technology creeps into every aspect of our lives, it’s replacing the human touch.

AI and algorithms can provide incredibly powerful ways to work, so long as it doesn’t dehumanize our most important interactions. It’s why we here at Sharetivity consider that human factor to be a vital part of every business relationship. Personalization is vital to building authentic connections and enhancing trust as we nurture relationships with colleagues, partners, clients, prospects, and potential customers.

Why Human Interaction Tops Automation

We’re exposed to so much information and content every day that we inherently build filters to block out most of what we see and hear. Our instincts naturally recognize automated content, and because it doesn’t have a human element, it’s not as likely to resonate with our deeper thoughts, beliefs and ideas.

Human nature means we gravitate towards others with similar perspectives, opinions, and beliefs — and it’s almost impossible to create those connections through automation. Think about how much more interesting it is to read a story or personal account than an analysis. If we want to strive towards better business relationships, we cannot rely on automation.

How to Build Human Interaction Into Your Sales Outreach

If you’re a salesperson, you probably already use plenty of automation as you’re trying to convert leads and prospects. If you do, you’ll know the limitations of that approach. It might be time to add a new tool to the toolbox. One area we recommend is helping your leads and prospects to find the content that matters most to them. If you can provide that information, you’ll save them time, show you understand their needs, and help to build trust. It’s the art and science of content curation.

Building Personalization into Sales Outreach Requires Good Research

If you want to curate the right content for the right people, you need a good understanding of their needs. You can break this down into three areas:

  • Industry niche — the sector or industry that your prospect’s business operates in. You will need very different content for an automobile manufacturer than for an interior design company.
  • Job role — the specific role that your prospect has. A Chief Information Officer and a Marketing Manager will approach content in very different ways.
  • Individual preferences — finally, individuals want to consume content in different ways. Some people will be very detail-oriented, others will like video or audio content. We all have a preferred approach and style.

This means you’ll need to research your prospects, the businesses they work for, and their areas of interest if you’re going to create the right content for them.

Use the Power of Curated Content

It’s time to bring together personalization, research, and data to create the perfect outreach for your prospects. Sharetivity easily integrates with your sales and CRM stack to help you create and share ideal content with your leads. Build trust and enhance your chances of conversion through providing the information they need. Unleash the power of curated content to enhance your interactions and bring the human touch back to your client relationships.