Why “general purpose” content isn’t really good for anyone.

General Purpose content is like peanuts and olives at a buffet, they are OK, you might eat them but every buffet has them, so not a buffet likely to stay in your mind.  You don’t want to be in the prospects daily buffet as peanuts so try and pick one or two things that will stand out, caviar, smoked salmon or in content terms :

  • Hot off the press
  • Controversial – but don’t add your own opinion, leave an open question
  • Funny
  • Hyper targeted for that individual

Tip : If you have read something before then so probably has your prospect

The importance of value in content

How many times have your read an article, a book or watched a documentary and thought – ‘well that was a waste of my time’  and felt annoyed?  Waste because it had no facts of interest or no facts at all, badly written, all about cricket when I like rugby.  Always think before you send content, ‘does this have value to the person I am sending it to?’.  If the answer is no/maybe then don’t send! There is always tomorrowTip : Ask your team mates, I guarantee that if you get your sales team thinking social then someone will be able to help you with a piece of good content.

How to narrow your focus to curate the content that really matters

Narrowing your search for content will help greatly.  Get over the fear that you might miss out on something if you don’t search the world , you don’t have time.  So home in your search a little by geography, industry or get really specific.    Tip : Ideally use a tool that automates this process for you a little and better still grades content returned so you only have to look at the top graded material.

Speaking to the needs of companies and clients

Speaking to the needs of your prospects is quite hard, when prospecting can you really know what the main needs of your clients are?  Of course they need your product but your prospect might not know that yet and it is probably too early to tell them.   So test some needs.  Can you find content that has a results or pain story , could that be a result or pain your prospect is looking at?   Make sure all your out reach is trackable so you can see what stories they open or react to.

Tip : When you start social selling it is like going to an awkward party where you know nobody; so use easy icebreakers and open questions to get the conversations going, then tell your target why you are about to rock their world, never do this the other way round!