The need to understand a company to curate content

It’s not very often that anyone is selling to a company that they know nothing about – in fact if you are then please stop it right now!  For simple understanding start by looking at their website, google the company name, the prospect you intend to speak to.  Basics are :  their main line of business and client base, where is their HO, their latest news, turnover, profit.  Ok – I can now tell if I am talking to Microsoft or Mikesloft.

Make sure to look at any social media accounts your client has.

Having a good feel will make a difference to the content you think that works for that company; you might not send the same content to Maceys that you would to Gap.  It is amazing how the more you know the more confident your engagement will be.

How to build a simple profile of a company

  • Main line of business
  • Their target market, consumer, SME or Enterprise
  • Turnover/Profit
  • Location
  • Latest news
  • Main corporate players
  • Do you have any connections to them
  • Social Media posts

Start here but have this information for all prospects so you know which ones fall best into your target audience and which ones are more valuable to you – if you sell to SME then do not waste time on big enterprise however tempting.

How to understand what people in the company are looking for

They are usually looking for what you are looking for; more clients, more revenue, less costs and happier customers.  You will already have an idea of the types of personas your prospects are likely to have.

Spend 2 or 3 minutes pretending you had your prospects job today and if you did what you could do to be more successful in that job.  Could I get more customers, save money or increase revenue? That is as good a way as I can think of.  This is a thought process, please do not ring the person up and tell them how to do their job even if you did do their job very well in your head.  This will also help get a feel for more useful content.

How to build this into content curation and sharing 

Start by finding some generic news about their industry or clients, no need to curate too much, maybe just attach an article and throw out a question, “Hi Dave, I saw this article about xxxx and thought it would be of interest, does this affect your business in the near future or down the line?”

When you think you know a client or industry a little better than pull out one or two key phrases from articles(ideally ones with stats in) and include those in an email with a question or open opinion.  That can have a lot more impact and makes the engagement more personalised.

One of our clients has moved from a drip feed engagement tool to only sending out personalised emails, the response rate has gone from less than 4% to over 22%, that will have quite an impact on revenues.


Sharetivity is a Social Selling Automation tool.  It will find all the relevant potential content for your client using machine learning giving the most useful content in a fraction of the time it would take to do it yourself.