The importance of understanding different audiences

All business people like to think they are busy but based on hours we all spend on news sites there is time to read content they are sent – but good content only.

Best for audience, best thing here is to cheat!  Or maybe take ‘guidance’ for your audience by finding the top 2 or 3 trade magazines or portals for that market and see what they typically lead with.  They have been capturing your potential audience for years so do not go too far off what they do.

You might not get this right straight away.  Social Selling is an art and takes a time to get the hang of.  The important thing is that whatever you send to any client is to look back, did they open it(hopefully you have a tool that analyses opens), did they respond or did they ignore it.  Categorise your sends into snippets, technical, long, medium and short – what is working for your clients?

If you have a very large potential client base then it will be hard to do for every client so just analyse by the best segmentation you can.

Tailoring the level and summary of content to audience needs.

If in doubt – send short, send something with facts and figures in.  Make sure it is the latest news.

Ideally you are or will become a relative expert in your market.  Depending on your confidence then cut and paste summaries into your out reach.  You would not talk non-stop to a client for 10minuntes so why send then content that takes 10minues to read.  Summarise, give correct attribution to where you got the content from and then attach the content.

This is so easy to do but the results can be amazing.  Linkedin stated that sales people that consistently reach out to prospects with good content are 45% more likely to exceed target.