The art of the Executive Summary

OK – when you prepare a 20 page business plan for a real executive they are supposed to read the summary and conclusion only and ignore the rest.  Well that is partly true.  When they know the person that prepared the plan then they might trust the bits in-between.  Your executive prospects probably do not know or trust you. So that is not going to work and the real challenge is to get them to read the content in-between.

Follow these rules.  Look at some content, summarise it in one or two sentences,  just practise,  you will get the hang of it,  then write the conclusion in one or two sentences(more practise).  The important thing is to tailor both the summary and conclusion you create and spin them for the executive you are reaching out to.  That might be by adding one extra word relevant to their industry, Biotech, Pharma, Engineering, Supply chain etc

If you are reaching out at executive level you will not be reaching out to many in a day so spend time on this out reach.  If this could be a $millon account then what’s a few hours in prep?

Don’t forget to attach the full content as well!

Creating Headlines that Matter

Ok – another Sharetivity cheat here.  Let’s assume the content was written and proof read by people who know how to write headlines, so use the ones they provide.  Headlines are short but if you can add one or two words to customise it for the prospect then well done, the improved results will be great.

Remember, outreach is not always an email, if you are about to call or meet an executive then have a couple of pieces of content ready to create conversation.