Last year I had no interest in Social Selling.  Why? Well it did not sound like anything special or even that different to what sales people had been doing for years; just online.

Statistics changed my mind.  They all point to Social Selling working and increasing sales. The increase did not have to be much because the real truth is that traditional methods of email and phone for engagement are failing so fast that the switch for most companies is to simply not lose ground.

One Sharetivity client quoted a 5 fold increase in response rates with Social Selling Vs traditional, from 4% to over 20%.

Is Social Selling complicated?  Well it should be, you only have to look at the huge number of experts now in Social Selling, so it must be hard, right?

Well no.  I think these experts are needed to help companies make the initial move and really importantly help you to Social Sell in a way that is right for your prospects – don’t just do what Macdonalds or IBM does.

Step 1

This is the easiest and you have probably been doing this for years – but now put this activity under the Social Selling column.

Search google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. for information about your prospect, their company and most importantly their industry.  Unless you are using an automated search tool this is time consuming, sorry about that but it will be.  This extra time requirement is a bonus; just don’t give up trying until after your competitors have and you are bound to win this challenge – better out reach.

Step 2

Spotted something interesting for your prospect?

Reach out to your prospect by email, phone or maybe a meeting and use that content.  Take something you have read that is interesting and turn it round into a piece of engagement or a question that will get your prospect giving you more information, interacting with you and ideally seeing some benefit from you contacting them.

Make sure you add personalisation to that outreach, do not just send out and expect them to find the interesting bit.  Does anyone really think that prospects are finding interesting content sent by automated outreach tools? Make sure your outreach is  personalised for the prospect and they can see that you have made an effort.

Just start with these two steps and do read what the experts say on Social Selling, they really come up with some great extra training and ideas.  In a few months you might think you have 10 steps for Social Selling, that’s OK, that is just process definition.

Tip – Exhibiting or attending an event?  So prepare in advance with Social Selling.  You might not know the actual attendees but you will know their personas, so research for Joe Bloggs or Jane Doe as if they are your prospects.  Then just swap their names when you meet the real people.