61% growth.  OK – everywhere we turn we are told that social selling will drive more revenue.

Here is today’s stat:

“Social selling is important for businesses because it works incredibly well. 61% of organizations engaged in social selling report a positive impact on revenue growth”

That is from the team at the https://digitalmarketinginstitute.com.

Isn’t Social Selling about reaching out more with relevant content that your prospects want to read or know about – a way of increasing engagement and response rates?  I get that, but where does the guarantee of leads come from?

That is pretty straight forward.  The more you research for one prospect and industry the more that you will bump into the names of other companies and people that are potential prospects – it kind of stands to reason.  The danger is that you by pass these new prospects because you have your eye on the one that you were working on.

That is where a bit of automation is required.  As you look for your target a good automation tool will spot new names and companies that could be prospects, grade then and then add them to your future potential contact list with their latest news, feeds and social messages.  Ready to be the next new prospect to reach out to before your competitors even know they exist.

Now that is nice and easy and requires no extra work.

So social selling increases engagement with prospects and grow leads at the same time.  In management speak that is known as a ‘no brainer’.


Peter Casey


Sharetivity is a Social Selling Automation tool that will find and grade the content you need to understand and engage with prospects – and as a nice side feature will automatically grow your prospect list at the same time with no work.