What a headline this is(I wrote the last bit), who had the nerve to say this or write it.

Well these guys wrote it in great article: http://www.new.com.au


And this guy said it :

Ross Gerber, an analyst at Gerber Kawasaki, said the latest figures suggest that the tide may be turning for Facebook and other social networks.

 “Social Media has peaked,” Gerber said on Twitter. “We told you last qtr and now we’re seeing it.”

 Well this is maybe the first big glitch in a huge market so who knows what will happen, hardly a .com crash.  I can queue up .com crash stories.  Maybe in finance terms a 20% overnight hit on share price was a free fall. Profit was up 31 per cent in the second quarter at $US5.1 billion; revenues rose 42 per cent to $US13.2 billion, slightly below most forecasts.

 Advertising is still increasing on social media it’s just the costs kept rising faster for Facebook so hence the profit growth issue.  So that is the main point – there will still be more advertising going on in social media sites. 

Will there be too much advertising?  Does this affect B2B business where Linkedin seems to be the one to focus on.

 B2B Social Selling impact from more advertising?

If the advertising on social media becomes onerous we might use it less or the advertisers will use it less.  If that happens the social media sites will look to earn from the individual users more not companies.  Social Selling is great, you can do it pretty much for free at the moment.

Good social selling is about learning about individuals and companies using social media sites and any online sources  and then creating one to one contact which even the best targeted advertising cannot manage yet.  So social selling beat ads last year, are beating ads this year and will continue for the foreseeable future.

So keep social selling since it is the sales method that is getting the best results don’t let your heart bleed too much for Facebook, Mr Zuckerberg will survive.


Peter Casey


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