OK – now statistically 500million will be possible but it could take a while, maybe a few life times. However over 100million people do log onto linkedin every month for a purpose. So it is clearly worth the effort to connect with prospects there. That is if they let you. This is a crucial part of social selling.
I ran an exercise of just connecting to loads of people and the result was OK, I got a few. What was noticeable was that I did not get to the prospects I wanted , they were already very well connected and probably get reached out to very often. So mix social selling and classic reach out and get connected.

First of all – do the basics, update your linkedin profile and please do add a photo it increases trust by a factor of 10 or even a factor of 36 if using the number of contacts you will get.

Back to getting in touch with that prospect. Again, use linkedin here. See what they are interested in and remember to look a little back in their history, you might have a good cross over connection there. Then search for some content based on those interests. See what is new, what seems to be most relevant and up to date.  Put yourself in your prospects shoes here.

Now share that with the prospect via a very personalised email, the more effort the better the results. No email for the prospect? Well do a little research or maybe a lot of research and you will always get it.  Although in the old days we would just call them – I don’t suppose that would still work?

Once that prospect has opened or responded to that reach out then send them a linkedin connection. That is the point where they now know who you are and are most likely to connect to you.

Will being connected change your relationship with that prospect? Well yes since they have now agreed to open dialogue with you. The extra value will come from getting opened up to their connections as well who are very likely to be in a similar industry or level and therefore a likely prospect as well. Their connections will trust you more for knowing the original prospect.

The key here is good research for content the prospect will be interested in and will be of value to them. They might be contacted 10 times in a day but if you were the one that sent something useful to them then you are the one they will remember. That can take time once you have searched social media and the web – so think of some automation processes here.

The real plus is that continually working on these connections will increase your social selling exposure and reach bringing in more contacts and leads.
Peter Casey

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