One chance to save the biggest business deal in your life, one chance, one sentence or paragraph or page on why the deal is yours.  One chance.

So you know that you and two competitors have a chance to close the deal in a written final pitch.  Do you write a long or short piece or even come up with new adjectives to struggle through the options in between that will float into your head.

I say you should go long in a shortish sort of way. 

There is so much content out there, too much maybe. We are running out of time in the day to read it all.    We need content to engage our prospects and get the social selling right.

So when you summarise a piece of content for a prospect make sure you keep in all the facts and statistics you can find and make sure the real message or lesson of the content has come across. Then spend just 2 minutes stripping out the wrap words that do not add to the value.  Can you shorten it by 20%, 50% and still have the lesson?

Two minutes is not long and you will get a much better response rate.

Actually this ‘one chance’ happens day in day out in sales but you do not notice it.  When you first reach out to a prospect and do not engage them you might never know that would have turned out to be the biggest business deal in your life.  So treat every piece of outreach as if it might.

Peter Casey

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