Interesting – I am only now getting blocked from a few US websites and for no good reason.  This is a message I am getting –
451: Unavailable for legal reasons
We recognise you are attempting to access this website from a country belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA) including the EU which enforces the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and therefore cannot grant you access at this time. For any issues, e-mail us at or call us at nnn-nnn-nnnn.
There is probably no reason I can think of that means I cannot read a US website based around GDPR. This was a random site, they do not have my details and I have no intention of giving it to them , so where is the GDPR problem?
This is probably just a ‘worry pants’ problem that will disappear once US websites get comfortable with not being sued by some suits in Brussels.
I was actually researching a client for Social Selling. So it is a challenge. But not a big one, hurdles are really just things that your competitors probably don’t jump, so I got the info from another site.

Peter Casey
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