Ok – so clearly I am going to get my team to stop what they are doing and start social selling right away.  Or I might not.

So many positive statistics on social selling.  These stats come from linkedin  – who of course are keen on both selling social selling and selling sales navigator licenses.


There are lots of famous quotes on statistics and none of them currently come to mind.  So I will use my own, ‘Half them’,   if they are still good then react to them.

‘Social sellers attract 22.5% more opportunities than their peers and are 25.5% more likely to exceed quotas.’ .  Still very impressive.

OK – those numbers would make a huge difference to my revenue figures so I am in.  Implement Social Selling immediately, tomorrow or at least very soon.  What is wrong with me, more money?  I don’t know – but I will bet there is a stat that explains it!

Peter Casey

Sharetivity is a social selling automation tool that makes it very easy to implement social selling across your whole sales team with almost no effort.  Save your teams hours per week.