77% of buyers won’t engage salespeople who can’t provide insights about their business. – will all sales people need an MBA?

(Source: State of Sales 2017 via LinkedIn)

77% of buyers won’t engage salespeople who can’t provide insights about their business.  So basically reach out to a prospect that works in the electric space craft industry and you had better know something about their game, in fact tell them something they do not know already!

Serious? I don’t have an MBA or PHD in space craft or much else come to that.  So how can I  reach out to someone like this and give insights?

Well do some research and there will always be stuff that is relevant to any industry, just google it, look at trade sites, check linkedin, have a look at the person or their companies blogs and posts.  Believe me you will find something relevant.  All the better if you can add some machine learning tool into the process to help you select.

Then send a summary, a link to that content and wrap it in a question for the prospect.  ‘How relevant is this to Acme Inc?’, ‘Does this impact on your business in the next year?’.

The good thing about experts is that they do not expect other people to be experts.  They want to see people show an interest and a willingness to learn and ask questions.  That is what you are doing here.  You are making an effort and it will be appreciated and at the same time you will be learning insights into any business.  At least more than your competitors.

Let’s face it, if all your sales team had MBAs they would probably make a rubbish golf team and what use would that be?

Peter Casey


Sharetivity is a social selling automation tool that will track down content relevant to any prospect and most importantly grade that content for you, so if even if you are not the expert sharetivity will help you out.

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