I still remember the day that I got budget to hire an outsourced lead generation company.  Fantastic , no more cold calling for me, they would do that.  All I had to do was get back from the pub in time to follow up with the Fortune 500 C level Execs that were now interested in my product.  A perfect business process of the highest order.

After 2 months of the 4 month engagement I cancelled the lead generation company.  They did make calls, I had provided the lists and they provided stats.  The leads were just companies they had got through to with no real engagement. However – I will say in fairness, they paid for themselves by just one of the deals that did kick off because of them.  So I was back to doing the work!

So today if I now switch over to a purely Social Selling method how would I use a lead generation company?  They can still make the cold calls, although all the social selling evangelists are telling us cold calling does not work anymore.

There would be no point them ‘nurturing’ my prospects/contact lists, I need to do that myself to get the long time value.

Do they learn about my clients needs on my behalf?  Not much use to me, I would still have to re-learn the same stuff.

Cold Calling still fits into any sales method somewhere even with Social Selling.  How are outsourced lead generation companies handling this?  Interested  to know.




Sharetivity is the social selling automation tool that works in side your CRM.  Perfect for any sales organisations, including outsourced lead generation companies.