Advocacy is an activity by an individual or group which aims to influence decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions – from Wikipedia

So what is Employee advocacy?  It is using the employee of a company as the way to  deliver corporate material, marketing, events and newsletters.  ie Got something to send out? Send it to your employees and get them to forward it to all their contacts.

Prospects and clients are up to 8 times more likely to believe something sent to them by an individual than a company.  An employee is first and foremost an individual. 

Social selling is producing amazing results 51% more likely to exceed target when used. 

So is employee advocacy part of social selling?

Yes.  Regularly the social sales person will send the prospect/client regular content that is relevant to the them.  Sharetivity will help find and grade that content so only the most useful is sent.

This content can also be the standard corporate communications stuff as well. Boost this outreach by using as many of your employees as you can, not just sales people to send this out.

Also a good sales tool should have the ability to quickly share good content.  What is good content, often the stuff that gets opened.  So if a sales person/employee sees a piece of content that is going down well with prospects then they can share that to other sales people and employees to also share out.

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