Time and time again we see recommendations for  ‘how to sell’ books, they are all over the place, every salesperson will tell you their  favourite.

Any good bookstore will have a disproportionate number of ‘how to sell’ books usually more than any other subject  in the business section or even the how not to procrastinate section. 

We would recommend some of them as good reading but they are not very useful for the buyer, your prospect.

The best book is the best book your client would read for their own business.  If you sell into retail then find the best book on retail management, if you sell into the health service then a book on that, a book on financial accounting etc.  Reading one book might not make you an expert but it will make your knowledge on behalf of your prospect’s needs a lot better than it was before.

Why not ask your client what to read.

Big problem here we know; when do sales people ever have the time to read another book, goodness knows?

Well if you cannot read a book then at least search for the latest news or white paper on the industry you are selling into, do that daily.  You would be amazed the knowledge you can pick up in a short period of time to have a far more intelligent, worthwhile and interesting interaction with your prospect.  Set up some alerts or use the right tool that will read and grade this material for you.

One of the most simple parts of social selling.  Sales is so much more interesting when you are social selling.

Peter Casey

Sharetivity is a tool that automates some of the processes of social selling to make it easier and quicker to implement for any sales team to see improved results sooner.

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