Why enterprises engage with Social Selling


Social selling makes selling more interesting or fun or successful.  Pick the adjective but they all explain why sales people want to use social selling given the chance.

 Enterprises probably don’t want to use social selling because it makes the sales person’s job more fun.  They need a little more persuading to back the new processes with the right tools. So here are some great statistics from a Hootsuite/Forrester report on social selling and why enterprises see it as the way forward.

 ·         Expanding reach to new buyers and audiences (48 percent)

·         Staying connected with the buyer throughout the sales cycle (45 percent)

·         Higher win rates and increased seller productivity (tied at 41 percent)

 These are great statistics and drivers and should make any CEO or CMO or CRO or C?O look to move into social selling. 

 Having run a few sales teams in the past I would take the opening reasons any day of the week but particularly on a Friday – Fun, Interesting.  Stick that into your sales team and watch the results improve.

 There are some great new tools out there that integrate social selling into your existing CRM and sales stack so it is a quick low risk win.

Peter Casey

Sharetivity – integrated into Salesforce for social selling automation..

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