There is so much great industry content out there to read, post and to re-purpose.  In only minutes any good social sales person should be able to post a simple linked item to their feed or send an email to a prospect.  There lies the danger – the ease and speed.

Whenever we have a chance to make a presentation we take a long time preparing and the most important considerations are what message am I trying to get across and what is the desired outcome or action by the clients?

That does not change for posts and emails.

It is all too easy to send out a post without stopping to understand what the real message delivered will be in the context of how and where it is received.  Usually when someone decides to read content or go to a presentation the intention is clear.  However when content suddenly appears in front of their eyes it might not.

Before you send any content right down one sentence that summaries what the intended message and outcome is meant to be.  Then re-read the content or even better ask a colleague to do that for you.   Is the content clearly brining across the message and is the outcome or call to action clear? 

If the message is not the one you intended then time to do some work and re-writing.

Peter Casey

Sharetivity will automatically find the right content for your prospects’ interests and grade that content for relevance using machine learning.

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