Great term that, let us repeat it, Actionable Social Intelligence.  That is what Sharetivity is striving to achieve for its clients.

There is so much content and stuff out there about social selling being the way forward and we strongly believe that it is.  We have been pushing that in our own sales processes heavily for the past year, it works, but it is hard work.

The reason it is hard work is just the volume of content out there – that is the Intelligence.  We can all find new contacts, just used linkedin for that, it,s brilliant.  Then we have to reach out to those contacts with good relevant content to show we understand their needs and we can offer them value with Intelligence.  That is where the work kicks in.

What is the best content?  That is what Sharetivity finds for you.  It will check your contacts social profiles and company profiles to find the best content that is relevant to them.

Better still we will find other contacts that have similar interests – these are leads.

So Sharetivity not only does the searches for you it will even keep an eye out for new contacts and leads.  Sharetivity gives you actionable content.

Pete Casey

Sharetivity evolving from Social Selling Automation to Actionable Social Intelligence.  Contact us at to find out that can drive new revenue for you.

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