All sales people will have several tools to hand, Salesforce, Zoom, logic, Linkedin, Sales Navigator, Nudge,, gmail, outlook etc etc are all sales tools we use day in day out,  these all go to make up a sales stack. I never heard of a sales stack 10 years ago, now we all have them even if you don’t realise it and they cost!

Use more than 3 of the above and you could be paying out $400+ per month per salesperson.  The cost is rising, so it is harder to be sure of the ROI. Is that money well spent?  Well yes if your team are using them to not just make revenue but additional revenue.

Statistic after statistic is showing that salespeople that use social selling are the ones that exceed quota the most.  Have you added a social selling tool to your stack, does it need one?

Stack Integration

Make a stack of odd sized tools that do not sit together then there will be a  potential balance board effect that you will spend as much time just holding upright.  These tools should integrate and talk to each other in some way to get real value.  That can be expensive if you make it complicated and proprietary to what you do, so start with the default integrations.

Looking at the stack ROI is a complicated but necessary job.  The cost of the whole stack needs to be evaluated, would the stack fall down on one element or stand firmer with one addition?

Some simple Sales Stack rules

Anything you do must get log in your CRM tool

Look at every new sales on how it will add to the stack value, not just its own value

All elements must talk to your management information systems to monitor ROI

Every element must be replaceable, ie you can swap out the CRM part for a new CRM provider

How to improve your stack

Firstly list all the tools that your sales team use and then add a column to the list that gives a rating of how much value that tool creates.  Less than 5/10 then do you really need it?

Look at the price of each element, tools have a habit like your home broadband package of getting more expensive when you are not looking.

Imagine taking out each item from the stack, does your sales process still hold together?

Could there be something missing from the stack, maybe it needs one more element to make it work better and get the overall ROI.

Do you have a social selling layer to the stack or something that adds social selling to the other layers?

Peter Casey

EVP EMEA Sharetivity

Sharetivity is a Social Selling Automation tool that integrates into your sales stack to find the social content that you need to engage with your prospects with very little effort.

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