Well 77% of buyers won’t engage salespeople who can’t provide insights about their business according to State of Sales 2017 by LinkedIn.  Reach out to a prospect in Taxidermy then you better know about their game, tell them something they do not know already!

Serious? I don’t have an MBA or PhD in Taxidermy or much else come to that.  So how can I  reach out to someone like this and give insights?

Research is now an absolute must; google it, use trade sites, linkedin, company blogs and posts.  You will find something relevant to create content.

Then reachout with a summary, a link to that content and wrap it in a question for the prospect.  ‘How relevant is this to Acme Inc?’, ‘Does this impact on your business in the next year?’.  Auto reachout tools are very dangerous here.

Most experts do not expect or want other people to be experts.  However they do want people to show an interest and to ask the right questions. You will also be learning insights into their business and might give you that missing need.

Do you always do some research before every contact with a prospect or client?

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Peter Casey

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