Fail – that seems rather strong.  Well if only the sales team decided to speak French then it would leave for a pretty in-coherent organisation.  The whole company needs to speak French to keep moving in the same positive direction.

Social Selling as a method means the whole company goes into social mode – gathering and sharing knowledge by everyone for everyone that will lead to more sales.

There is endless knowledge in the social world to be harnessed.

The tech department have some great product news – share that to sales and marketing so it reaches prospects.

The sales team get great industry knowledge from prospects so share that back to the techie team to build into the next release and marketing to update the website.

Finance find out how the new tax rules will impact larger companies so share that to sales, marketing and the techies to pass onto prospects and adapt the product.

You see social is all about sharing knowledge all the time by all the teams so that the whole company works towards better products that are more valuable to your prospects.

I know I would much rather work for a company that encouraged and shared knowledge.

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Peter Casey

Sharetivty works to find, rate and share knowledge both internally and externally with your prospects to drive sales.  Our ambition is find more and more actionable social intelligence.