We have fantastic statistics on Social Selling and why it works so well.  These statistics are coming from real experts and great companies – SAP recently attributed $1billion in extra sales to social selling – that is amazing.

Social says stay connected to your prospects and your market, reach out with value not just some dumb ‘how’s it going” email.   Finding that value does take some effort.

What is value to one prospect is not value to another.  The value content that can be turned into good reach out can be hidden in the web, linkedin, facebook, twitter, etc etc.  It will take time to find when you are doing it right because you have to look at all the channels.

Find the right content and then decide to use it.

This is where Sharetivity comes into its own.  Not only will it find the right content from any channel but it will find the content that is actionable; the most useable comes to the top. A trigger to reach straight out, less work, less time, more valuable to your prospect – get more sales.

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