AI is cool, clever and in.

AI has been around for years, in the 1980s tools like LISP and Prolog were used to build AI features but never really worked.

Does AI fit with Social Selling? I was severely told off by a social selling guru when using the word automation with social selling – not possible, a function of humans only.  I would like to disagree politely.

Social selling requires finding information and deciding what has value for your clients and prospects. 77% of buyers expect sales people to offer them extra value. Is that possible when you are not a guru in the market?

AI can help, with a bit of ML, Machine Learning. ML is the use of AI when we give machines access to data and let the machine learn for itself what the data is about.

The ML engine looks at what experts look at to understand what makes content valuable, with similar keywords and frequency.  ML finds other content with the same characteristics and therefore value.  Simple really; should have thought of it years ago.

We recently built ML into our sales tool, Sharetivity to ‘help’ a sales process not replace it.

Could AI or ML add some value to what your business does, even just a little?

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Sharetivity – the sensible use of AI in the sales automation industry!