This statement is getting plastered all over the place as more and more companies take advantage of the benefits of social selling.  It sort of mitigates the movement away from traditional marketing.  Well – maybe it does?

This does not apply to all products.  But the B2B world is far less complicated and far less diverse than the B2C world. 

The major difference is that in the B2C world so many more sales can be influenced by a whim – ‘the ad looked nice’, ‘Celebrity x uses it’, ‘my mate down the pub thinks it is a brilliant idea’.

In the business world we like to think we know all the major components, software, hardware and services that make up the body of our business.  We also know who our competitors are and we tend to know what components they are using.

Any good business person is constantly monitoring those components to make sure they are up to date, fit for the purpose and creating value.  So in B2B buyers have always been far more likely to know when they need to buy or replace something and based on competitors already made up a lot of their mind.

The key here is that businesses are always monitoring new components and trends so you need to be always be in their sights.  That is where Social Selling is so much more effective with easy constant quality outreach that has almost no cost.

Sharetivity is the company that tries to help automate social selling to make it easier, quicker and more effective.  We automate it with a human bias and control.  Give Sharetivity a call if you just want some advice on Social Selling.

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