I have just been through a stack of statistics on sales and in particular social selling.  I managed to put over 50 statistics into a spreadsheet(happy to share).  Strangely I did not find a single negative statistic, which is a little worrying; there must be something that social selling is bad for.

What really struck me about all this reading and all these statistics is that nothing talked about social selling benefits for your existing customers.

Social selling is about adding value by finding and sharing good relevant content with your prospects so they are more likely to buy from you.  What about continuing to add value for your existing customers? Content that is good for prospects must surely be good for existing customers.  Or maybe the content needs to be different for the existing customer.

Existing customers are your best sales tool, 84% of B2B buyers start their buying process with a referral and that will probably come from an existing or old customer.  A warm referral is 4 times more likely to work – ie someone you are still active with.

Does your social selling strategy include processes for existing customers as well as prospects?

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Peter Casey


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