Is your social selling integrated into your CRM or other systems?

We know social selling is great and the results from so many top names prove that.  My favourite stat of the week is 45% of sales people using social selling exceed quota.  That is from Linkedin themselves and is actually quite an old stat.

Imagine that – just move your sales team over to social selling and 45% of them will be exceeding quota, not just reaching or failing.  This is what could give your team more than the usual 10-20% stars that you need to make company numbers.

So does social selling need to be integrated into your CRM?

Yes –it absolutely does.

It is a key performance metric that is needed to compare one sales person to another and one method to another, same as any outreach.  How could you manage a sales team if you did not know how many prospects they are reaching out to and what type they are and how near to close. It could be key to getting the underperformers to use social selling.

If it is not integrated it might not get added to your CRM for you to see .  We are not saying sales people will be too lazy to add it otherwise but they are also busy saving the world.  So do them a favour and get it integrated.

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Peter Casey

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