At today’s Salesforce App Exchange Demo Jam, we demonstrated how easy it is for buyers and sellers to gain answers to qualification and discovery questions using Sharetivity’s Discobot. Instead of traditional back and forth emails, Sharetivity has come up with a chatbot that stimulates a conversation around qualification questions and discovery needs. The simple to use tool can be linked in your outreach emails, buyers click on the link, enter into a chat and are posed with a variety of questions that salespeople can customize. Once complete, the buyer can schedule a time to chat with the seller which automatically get added to their calendars.

Sharetivity’s propriety data enrichment with social media profiles, makes the conversation personable. Discobot can reference your buyers social media profiles and even link to your companies blog posts when questions arise that don’t have preset answers. Ultimately, the process creates an awesome experience for both the buyers and the sellers. Try it out at