Anyone that has carried a bag knows personalization, being real, is the way to connect and nurture relationships with your prospects. Well if we know that to be true, why don’t we do personalized outreach on a regular and consistent basis?

Answer is obvious, it is a time consuming process to find an icebreaker on your prospect. Also if we are honest, most salespeople, including me are lazy. We are not researchers, we knock down doors!

To create a personalized message, you probably research multiple sources such as LinkedIn to see if there is any relevant activity, do a google search, Twitter, Youtube or any number of websites. Which is time prohibitive.

As Salespeople our most valuable commodity is time… period

Introducing Sharetivity…with one click it gives you a holistic view of your prospects, so you can easily find that icebreaker before you reach out to your prospect. Build that trust. Be that advisor.

Try it out, it’s free and so easy:)