Social selling has been a very popular phrase with the consulting class over the last couple of years. The objective to use Social channels, predominantly Linkedin in some capacity to assist with sales efforts.

Specifically, how to use them is the question I’ve been asking. Typically the answer is to post content, ideally from my company, news and/or marketing collateral that will promote my company.

This version of Social selling makes me a Salesperson a Marketing person. I have to monitor the Social sites for discussions that are relevant to me, then find content, either from my company or other sources to inject into the discussion.

How does that help me meet quota this quarter? It’s hard for me as a salesperson to square that circle. I understand it benefits my company but I need to be focused on my targets.

This version of Social Selling is dead. Salespeople never have and never will be Marketing folks.

Social selling to me is using triggers, signals from my existing prospects or new prospects for me to establish an existing problem/need they have and fulfill that. If I’m selling Security software and an existing customer Tweets about their company having a data breach, I need to know that. I also want to know if someone who’s currently not in my pipeline is asking questions online about the best security software to purchase.

If I’m having difficulty breaking into an account and getting a response from a prospect, find me a trigger from their social profiles to make a personalized outreach.

That to me is Social Selling, Long live Social Selling.