Sales sequences, the scripted set of steps in a pre-defined cadence for sales professionals to follow, are a great high-volume way to reach many prospects. But what if, during that sequence, a prospect gave an indication of their interests so that you could get the benefits of personalization tailored to those interests?

The reason that we need multiple touches is because the prospects are often only passively interested. They may be intrigued with your email, call or Linkedin message, but not enough to schedule a call or spend time with you. What is missing in this scenario is a personalized cadence based on a topic or signal that the prospect has explicitly expressed an interest in.

In other words, a dynamic sequence based on the prospect’s self-declared interests that would enable the sales person to personalize the cadence dynamically. How can this be accomplished?

By automatically creating sales engagement bots, with no manual intervention. These could be derived using the latest AI/ML algorithms scanning a prospects creation of or interaction with web content, blogs, social sites, etc. The algorithm can then embed these interests and results in your customized outreach.

For example, if you are selling sales acceleration products or services,  you know your prospect’s typical pain points are, “long sales cycles”, “poor conversion rates”, and “sales operations”. If a prospect clicks on the engagement button named “long sales cycles”, they are put on a sequence that has specific content related to that issue. As they are interacting in the “long sales cycles” sequence, they may click on another topic, such as “decision making process”, thus they could be added to a “decision making process” sequence.

All during this time you are collecting signals indicating customer intent. In this interactive mode, the AI continually personalizes the sequences dynamically while the customer interacts with your content.

In summary, we leverage sales engagement bots and content to provide personalization at scale.  We take the signals from users interaction with the sales engagement bot to personalize content and the cadence, dynamically. This improves the sales engagement through a personalized buying experience. (Patent Pending)

To facilitate a simple and complexity-free implementation, we are fully integrated with Salesforce, Salesloft and We hope you will work with us in what we believe to be the future of customized automation for engaging sales cadences.