Your cell phone accompanies you everywhere, evenings, weekends, vacations and from job to job. So when you give someone your number, they have immediate and unique access to you. If they share that with others, those people also have access to you without your knowledge or permission.

Since most people do not have a work and personal cell, the personal cell ends up, being used for business purposes.

Sharing your cellphone number with business associates leaves you exposed. It has the potential to be an invasion of privacy when you’re at your kids sporting event or with family/friends getting unwanted texts.

Once the business relationship ends, your business associates still have your number. Unfortunately, cell phone numbers like email are known to be sold, shared or otherwise distributed.

The dilemma is texting is an efficient way to communicate with business associates outside of your company. If they have a short question, or you do, it’s fantastic to be able to shoot a quick text.

So how do you resolve this issue of wanting to use the device you carry around with you to efficiently communicate with business associates, without having the concerns of your trust being abused?

Typically, a business associate will say or email you the following, “I’m on the road a lot, so here’s my cell, feel free to shoot me a text as needed, what’s a good number to text you on?”

You feel obliged to reciprocate and now you can whilst protecting your privacy.

You can respond, “Here is my personal chat link, when you want to get a hold of me, just click the link”

When your business associate clicks the link, you will receive a notification on your cellphone, that they would like to chat. You can click on the link to chat in your phone’s browser, if you chose to ignore it, they can leave you a message.

You can set your availability to receive chat requests, so you are not bothered when you do not want to be. If your business associate abuses your trust, you can revoke their access to text you.

LetsChat is free, easy to sign up and even easier to use.

Try it out and protect your privacy.