Without goals, it’s hard to get far in life. You need goals for almost everything you do so that you can know what you’re aiming for and push yourself to succeed. In the sales world, development goals are especially important. They help structure your behavior, hold you accountable, and measure your success. 
With goals in place, you’ll know what efforts are working and which ones need to be tweaked for better outcomes. People who have goals succeed more often, which is especially true of those on a sales development career path. 

How to Achieve Salesperson Development Goals

Reaching your goals isn’t always going to be easy, but tracking them goes a long way toward success. That’s because writing down your goals and the steps necessary to complete them is part of how the 8% of people that actually reach their goals do so. Having goals that are measurable is important, which is why the SMART acronym works so well. 

SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-related. For each goal, you’ll need to ask yourself:

  • What do I want to achieve? 
  • How do I plan to accomplish my goal? 
  • What is my target demographic?
  • What’s my timeframe? 
  • What are my limitations?

As you read through the suggested goals below and choose the ones that apply to you, be sure to expand upon them so that they are specific to your needs. This will help you focus on the activities that will deliver you the best results. Then, make sure you are writing your goals down. People that write their goals down are 3x more likely to achieve them. 

Ultimately, your timeframe for tracking will depend on the goal, your job, and how long the sales cycle is. A good starting point is three months, which will give you a baseline to compare your progress to going forward. 

Top Goals for Sales Professionals

As a marketing and sales professional, your goals will often be centered around your sales career development. These are different than quota goals and relate to how you can be a better salesperson and improve your sales process, not how you can make more sales. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not just about how many sales you get in a given month — it’s also about the actions that got you there, such as the opportunities you created, the meetings you scheduled, and the number of connections per account that were made. Here are seven development goals you can implement today.

1. Improve your social media profiles

It may not seem like it matters, but this is how buyers are likely to find you today. With an updated profile, you can establish yourself and your brand as thought-leaders in the industry. 

Make your profile buyer-focused and content-rich; a place where you can share insights and content that boosts your credibility and sets you apart from other salespeople. To track this goal, center it around an increase in your profile views or another type of engagement.

2. Become a trusted resource

You’ll be able to do this using your improved profile, but becoming a valuable resource for others, whether they’re ready to enter your sales cycle or not, puts you in a position to be remembered and become a go-to resource for questions and content. 

When you add value to online conversations and share relevant information that your prospects are looking for, sales will follow. You can measure this by tracking the number of people you answer questions for.

3. Contribute to the conversation

You have to do more than put content out — you also have to engage in conversations that are already happening. This continually puts your name out there, reminding others that you know what you’re talking about. Comment on and like discussions, share others’ content, and engage in conversation. Then, track how much engagement you are making and how much you are getting. 

4. Nurture existing relationships

It’s not enough to get a prospect into the funnel; you have to nurture them through the entire process. Hooking them and then forgetting about them could potentially lead to a missed sale. Be sure to check in with your contacts, but make sure you offer value when you do. Being patient is key. You can track who responds to your outreach efforts, not just the people who eventually buy.

5. Get to know your team

This is a great goal for managers. Knowing how your team is motivated can keep your goals on track. Not everyone is motivated by money and not everyone has the relevant talents to achieve certain goals. 

Finding each person’s sweet spot and unique traits can help you create stronger goals overall. Keep track of the time you spend with each team member or make a goal to spend a certain amount of time with each salesperson each week. 

6. Focus on a personal goal

Not all goals have to be specifically oriented toward building relationships with customers or getting sales. Sometimes, goals can and should be more introspective. Choose an area you want to be better in and make a goal related to that. Options include communication, management, delegation skills, and time management. Commit to one professional development training per month and track how it affects your efforts in other areas.

7. Streamline the process

If you look at your sales process and find that there is wasted time, make a goal of reducing that wasted time. This can be done by utilizing programs to automate more tasks, reorganizing how your tasks are delegated, or by focusing on one of the goals above, such as nurturing existing leads. 

This goal will most likely be measured in terms of productivity or time, where you track how much time a program saves or how many more existing leads are converted by efforts compared to the time it takes to get new leads. 

Taking Your Sales Numbers to the Next Level

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