Sales are critical for the success of any business. Knowing that, it’s easy to see the importance of well-designed sales collateral; after all, polished sales materials can help close a deal. However, it can be easy to overlook the importance of sales enablement collateral. 

Your sales team is responsible for convincing potential clients that your business can meet their needs. To do that, they need to understand your company’s value proposition. Sales enablement tools help your sales team understand how your company is different from the competition, how your company meets client needs, and how to effectively communicate this information during pitches. 

Providing training for your sales team and giving them the best sales enablement collateral possible can boost your team’s sales numbers significantly. In particular, high-quality training and materials can improve your team’s numbers by up to 33%

These six tools are some of the most effective ways to add more material to your backlog of sales enablement collateral.

1. Training Videos

The most important thing to teach your sales team is how your business provides its value. Your sales team needs to understand and communicate what your company offers and how it works. Videos can be highly effective in this regard. 

Training videos are the easiest way to show your sales team how your assets work. You can demonstrate the essential parts of your product or service’s functionality and give a clear explanation of how to use them. You can also provide videos of successful sales presentations and recordings of conference presentations to help them broaden their product and sales knowledge.

2. Demo Videos

A step beyond training videos, demo videos are a specific type of video that shows your value proposition in action. While training videos are often intended for internal use only, a demo video can help explain your value to both your salespeople and their prospects. A clear, well-produced video of your product or service working can do half the work for any given sale.

Sales enablement best practices tell us that these videos should be produced by a marketing professional, as opposed to a salesperson. Your marketing team has the skills necessary to make the videos engaging and focused. By making these videos interesting, short, and visually appealing, you’ll increase engagement with the materials and keep people interested, both inside your company and out. 

3. Case Studies and Testimonials

When trying to make a decision, many people like to look for other people’s opinions. Shoppers look for reviews, people going to restaurants tend to pick places with full dining rooms, and your potential clients want to know that other people also use and appreciate your business. This concept is known as “social proof,” and it’s one of the most valuable marketing tools you can give your sales team.

Case studies and testimonials are two types of social proof that you should be giving your sales team. During a sales presentation, these materials can tip the scales in your favor. Case studies show how your business has specifically helped someone, while testimonials demonstrate how satisfied clients feel after working with you. The combination is an attractive one for most prospects.

4. Sales and Call Scripts

While demo videos and social proof are important for internal and client-facing purposes, sales and call scripts can be essential tools for internal use alone. A consistent approach can help your sales team feel confident in their client interactions. By providing scripts for their pitches, you can not only build your team’s confidence, but also outline the essential points that you want made in every interaction. 

These scripts make the entire sales funnel more efficient because they remove second-guessing and time spent recreating pitches from the process. You can build a script for every step of the client-acquisition process to maximize the efficiency of your sales process.

5. Email Templates

As with sales and call scripts, email templates are critical for modern sales. Developing email templates for different points in the sales process helps keep your communication professional without wasting time. 

More importantly, email templates are critical for reaching out to many prospects while still taking the time to personalize your communication. When you have an effective template, all your sales team needs to do is include the icebreaker content they found during their prospect research. 

6. Sales Battlecards and FAQs

Another set of internal sales enablement tools you should have on hand are sales battlecards and FAQs. While scripts and templates guide the sales process, FAQs and battlecards help your salespeople field any questions that come up. 

A sales battlecard is a short, direct document that explains your company’s value proposition compared to a competitor. Your company can have a unique battlecard for every competitor. Once your team has done their research on a prospect, they can use the right battlecard to sell against any competing company. 

For example, if your company offers 24/7 customer service and a competitor does not, that fact would be listed on a battlecard. These documents should be thorough, but concise. They should also have clear, easy-to-read bullet points so your sales team can use them quickly and naturally. 

Internal FAQs are sales enablement tools that can be used with battlecards. Where battlecards are specific to a competing company, FAQs are more general. They include common questions prospects might ask and provide clear answers. As a result, your salespeople can answer questions about your company knowledgeably and without hesitation. These documents should be thorough and easily searchable for the best results. 

Your Sales Team Is Worth the Investment

While marketing and sales collateral are important, it’s hard to overstate the importance of quality sales enablement tools. Whether your company and sales team are well-established or just getting started, you should be investing in your sales enablement tools. The more you support your sales team, the better your ROI will be. 

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